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Many people ask me why am I doing this.  Why am I in the EDTECH program and what is my plan from here on out?  Well, the world is rapidly moving towards a much more technological and operational world.  Devices are being created to hold books, the internet has exploded, and even education is now moving into the technological age.  As a woman who loves to teach and loves her children, I have had the opportunity to do both.  I am able to be a stay at home mom while still teaching and sharing my passion for math to students around the state I live in.  The EDTECH program has offered me the chance to get a degree from home.  Not only do I get to learn from home and continue to do all that I was already doing, but the program is opening my eyes to what educational technology really can become and where it is headed.

I hope to be able to keep moving forward in my teaching through the online world.  By doing this program I am making myself more marketable and experienced.  The EDTECH program will allow me to work from home even more and still be able to teach those that want and need to learn lessons to help them as they move into the “real world”.

Getting a masters was always something my husband and I threw around and joked about.  After he got his masters, he has wanted me to be able to continue my education as well.  This is the perfect program for me.  It allows me to still be with my children but also to fulfill the goal of reaching that masters.

I am grateful for the opportunity and the doors that this program will open for me.

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