Digital Inequality

03 Oct

Why are we concerned with digital inequality? What is it? The government and many states are pushing for technology and requiring so much more but then not providing the funding or resources needed to meet new requirements. I worked in a rural town and there were many students that did not have computers at home, or cell phones, and certainly not Internet access (as food on the table was the first choice). Anything that I wanted to do with technology, I had to make sure that the school had the right software and then provide the amount of time needed to complete the assignment at school. I think that the little towns get overlooked by the bigger cities and the divide is bigger than we really think. I agree 100 percent with the real divide is in the skills. Many students may have a computer but they don’t know how to open a document or even log onto the Internet. I was teaching very basic skills to 7th and 8th graders, who I assumed already knew how to do the little things. We talked once at a professional development about how cell phones are now the fade to show if you are in the “in crowd” or not. Many students would prefer to have a cell phone over clothes and shoes and sometimes food. With the technology that cell phones now offer, those students who may not have a computer at home but now have a cell phone, can take the opportunity to delve into the Internet and not worry about the computer and Internet access that used to be needed.

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