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Second Life

Second life

I am taking EDTECH 532 and have started to immerse myself into the world of Second Life. I am learning more about virtual worlds than I ever thought possible. I am excited to learn and to take everything in like a sponge. I am learning to be transported to different places and to use what is given to learn even more.

One down side at this time is that my computer crashed the day before class started and I am using my husbands backup computer which does not have a good graphics card so I have a hard time seeing everything that is available right now. My computer will hopefully get fixed in the next week and then I will be able to fully experience everything.

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7 ways video games engage the brain

Tom Chatfield: The 7 ways that video games engage the brain

I watched the above video and found it very interesting. Tom came up with seven ways that video games help to engage the brain. If I could figure out a way to implement these 7 ways into my math teaching, then maybe more students would be excited and more interested in math work.

The seven ways are:
1. Experience bars measuring progress
2. Multiple and long term and short term aims
3. Rewards for effort
4. Rapid, frequent, clear feedback
5. An element of uncertainy
6. Windows of enhanced attention
7. Other people!

There were a couple of these that really stood out to me. The first was number 5. He talked about how we all like rewards but when we don’t know for sure what the reward is, our brains get excited and more interested in what is going on. The second one that stood out was 7. Everyone likes to have praise from their peers and others around them. It is really what makes us all tick. Video games allow people to immediate post or show others how well they are doing. It also allows people to ask others for help and teamwork is engaged to complete a task or goal. One thing that is lacking in classrooms nowadays is the teamwork and praise from those around each other.

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Are Games better than real life?

David Perry: Will Games become better than real life?

I recently watched this video and found it very enlightening. I have always liked to play video games and have been fairly good at them. I could spend hours playing before I stopped. I have never worried about what is real and what is virtual. After watching this video I am starting to get an even better understanding of what my students are becoming more and more immersed in. Video games allow people to explore who they are and what they want to become. As an educator I am having to learn to take these technologically oriented students and using that technology to help them learn and develop the necessary skills to help them when they unplug.

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