The Future of Internet and Games

14 Feb

I found this talk very interesting. I remember 2003 and where I was. I was in college just starting to get my feet wet when it came to the internet. I had used the internet slightly with an email account and a little for some research but that was it. Around 2003 I took an online class and then it seemed the technology really exploded and I really got into it.

I found it interesting learning a little about the history of how Microsoft really got its start and how it took over. They also talked a lot about finding ways for Facebook, Twitter, and Google to start making money. I can see that starting to happen now. On blogs, we are now asked if we want to monetized and start posting ads. I can see that this will happen in all our Web 2.0 tools, whether educational or for fun.

It is fun for me to learn more about this and to see what I can do to take technology to a new level in my classes for my students.

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