My own learning theory diagram

29 Feb

Here I created my own learning theory diagram. I seem to have a hard time with all these learning theories so doing something very basic is helping me understand. To me, it seems that the three major theories, behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism build upon each other. A learner can be any one of them, but I think that they feed into one another. They seem like stepping stones we must walk on to get to the ultimate learning goal of self learning and discovery which constructivism is.

Do you feel that these three learning theories build into one another? Are there other major learning theories that could be included or should be included?

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One response to “My own learning theory diagram

  1. David Gibson

    March 1, 2012 at 12:31 am

    Maybe the arrows should come from the three theories TO to the learner since the learner “can be” in any of them. Maybe the learner can be in two of the three or all three, as well. It reminds me to think of the components of a learning experience that might be “elemental at the reward level” (do something, get reward that feels good, do it again) as well as at the “conscious awareness level” and the “social level” (if that is what you have in mind by constructivism). I think that particular learning situations might draw from 1,2,3 of them.

    On other theories, it might be interesting for you to look at a couple of the chapters in the Gibson, Aldrich, Prnesky book where an author lays out “instructional design theory” and see where that takes your diagram next. Do you have to open up one of the boxes you have to define what it means via other theories or do the theories get added to the picture at the same level of description as the ideas you have here now. For example, if you took “multiple intelligence theory” would parts of it fit inside or would you need some new big boxes?


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