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Gaming for Love

I loved the infographic on love from dating sites and World of Warcraft. It was fun to see how people meet each other nowadays. As someone that found someone using “old school” methods, this made me smile. I think that the World of Warcraft also provides that instant feedback that we as a people are becoming more accustomed to and expecting. We seem to not want to wait anymore and anything that could take up to 24 hours is just too long. I was not surprised by the number of hours a month that gamers play; I actually expected it to be higher. When meeting someone playing a game, you know that you have at least one thing in common and you didn’t even have to fill out a survey for that.

It is interesting and sometimes weird how people are now meeting, dating, and playing games by using the internet whether through dating sites or gaming sites. The world is definitively changing and changing quickly.

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Gamification Infograhic

After reviewing this timeline of technology I am now feeling old. I was born a couple of years before Carmen Sandiego. I finished college right as World of Warcraft came out. I am realizing why it is weird for me that my 6 year old can come sit at my computer, open a browser, and go to a school site and log in. I don’t do anything and she can do it all herself. I was in high school before the internet was really getting big and not really even that. It is amazing how fast technology has exploded and now even having a Wii is a little outdated. There are so many things that can truly help education and the trick and ultimate goal is to find the right games and technologies that will most benefit students as they learn and become more world ready.

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Story-Toy-Puzzle-Game part 2

Story- You have been kidnapped by scientists who think you have the answers to their new mind controlling experiment. They have placed you in the depths of their buildings thinking that you can’t get out. By using your own skills you are going to try and work yourself out of the building and back home. Many levels of the buildings are mazes and you will have to navigate yourself out. When you reach forks in road, per say, you will have to work out different math equations, expressions, and definitions.

Toy- While trying to escape you will be given two “toys” that will help to assist you at times throughout your journey. The first toy is a calculator that comes and goes as you need it, but that not only helps work out math problems but can help give hints throughout. The second toy is a map. This toy comes when you call it and shows you where the next level is or where the next fork in the road is. It will also help guide you through so that you are not backtracking too much. The map can’t show you the lay out of the whole floor but it can get you to the next fork or doorway.

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