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Professional Development for IDLA – Digital Image

PLE Diagram and reflection

I did many different variations of the diagram before agreeing with this one.  As I put the different tools and communities into the different circles I realized just how much of my life is dedicated to school and work right now.  I was totally surprised.  I then realized that come May I will have to work hard to keep all my communities up and stay interactive after I finish school.

It has been a shock to see how much I was not “with it” and up on so many communities.  Many I had joined earlier, like Pinterest and Twitter, but had never really done anything with it.  Now I am seeing the real opportunities and collaborations that can make me a better teacher and collaborator.

As I have spent time looking through others I first noticed the ways in which we have shared our individual diagrams.  I have only found one other Venn Diagram so far.  Many others have been far more creative than myself which shows my lack of talent in that area or just the great talent of my fellow classmates.  We all share the same communities that is needed for this class, but from there it is very different.  I have noticed that those that those that teach in Higher Education have many more communities than those in Secondary or Elementary education.

This class, or more importantly this assignment, has made me realize just how much I have not been truly using the Internet and all its tools and resources to its ability.  It is like when you bite into a candy thinking that there is yummy goodness in the middle only to find out that the middle is actually hollow and the candy just had a thick shell.  But it also has allowed me to immerse myself into resources, tools, and communities that I might never thought of using/joining and broadening my network for the better.

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