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Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to design conditions for learning by applying principles of instructional systems design, message design, instructional strategies, and learner characteristics.

504 Module 2 reflection

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My story-toy-puzzle-game

As I was thinking about what type of game I wanted to create, I think of those choose your own adventure books. I want to allow the gamer the chance to chose which way they go by solving a math problem. So the gamer is going along and then comes to a three way tunnel. Each tunnel has an equation for the gamer to solve. They must record their answers and move on through that tunnel. To pass a level, they will have to enter all their answers like a code to move on. The code they enter will determine which type of level they go to next. If the equations they solved were basic, then the next level is just a step up from where they were. If they solved harder equations, then the next level will move them to harder problems. I want to be able to offer a couple of different story types, so that the gamer can chose who they are and what game/adventure they play. One could be like a damsel in distress and the noble knight comes to the rescue. One could be find your friend. You got separated from your friend and the only way to get back home is to find your friend first. Another one could be find the dragon and slay him. Those are just some of the ideas bouncing around my head.

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Learning Theories

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Instructional Design Project

One class that I took this semester is EDTECH 503: Instructional Design.  The final project was to create a instructional design project.  I chose to create tutorials for two different e-readers, the Nook and the Kindle.  I first thought that this was like creating a lesson plan and teaching the materials.  I have realized over the last few months that though instructional design is similar to creating lesson plans, it has much more detail and research going into it.

I have learned so much from doing this.  It stretched me beyond what I thought I could do and showed me that I can work outside the box.  The hardest part was giving the guide to the instructor and having the instructor present the material.  This is the biggest difference between writing a lesson plan and writing an instructor’s guide.  As I watched the instructor present the material I kept thinking of ways that I would have done it differently; yet, in the end the tutorials were wonderful and it turned out fine even without me being the one to present the tutorials.

I am grateful for the final product and am so pleased with how everything turned out, even if at times I was pulling out my hair and just wanting to cry.


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School Evaluation Summary

As  the youngest teacher at this school, I am having a hard time communicating the need for more technology in the classroom.  It seems the more I use it or push for it, the more the other teachers avoid me or think less of me.  I have learned that the students actually learn more and better using technologies then just from a book and writing a paper.  I get frustrated when the other teachers look down on me for trying new things.

As the “Students Come First” laws begin to really take affect, I believe that the impact will be for the better.  Teachers will be held to a higher standard and students will be able to get the technologies needed to succeed in such a technological world.

This evaluation helped me take a closer look at the ACET standards and where all this fits in.  This covers Standard 1.3, 2.3, 2.4, 3.3, 3.4, 4.4, and 5.3, 5.4.  I fell that most of the standards are covered in some way depending on how you look at the survey and summary.


RSS Feeds for Education

My shared items.

I have used something like RSS in my personal blog to look up my friends and family blogs.  I have to go to my blog and then listed on the side is all the new updated blogs that I follow.  It makes life so much easier so that I don’t have to check fifty different blogs.  The RSS feed is just like that.

There are many different ways that I could use this in the classroom.  One way would be for each of my students to create a blog and then have assignments be posted on their blogs.  On the blogs not only would they do assignments but they could also pose questions and get answers from their fellow classmates and teacher.  This would really work well for the introverts who really struggle speaking in front of groups.  I would have all the students set up an RSS feed from the class and part of their grade would be participation on the blogs once a week or every other week.

I wish that I was teaching in a class where I could implement it.  It sounds like it could be a lot of fun.  The RSS feed takes all the time consumption out of the way and allows the teacher to really focus on the information and questions posted.

There are many benefits I am going to gain from the knowledge that I learned about using RSS.   One thing, I don’t have to look up all the different news websites that I go to.  I can have updated news brought to me.  Another benefit is time.  All the time I spent looking up things can now be spent looking up more things J or spending more time with my family.  Along with using RSS, knowing how to share it allows for greater communication and instant information transfer.  RSS also allows you to focus on the information that you want to receive instead of searching through tons of different information that you really don’t need or want to look at.


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Tech Trends Lesson Plan

I work for Idaho Digital Learning Academy and they were in the news for using the WII in their physical education classes.  I have thought that it was very interesting.  I have just recently received my certification in physical education for the state of Idaho and love to see how I can incorporate technology into this type of classroom.  While I was teaching physical education I had a student with various learning and physical disabilities that limited the amount of participation he could do in class.  Using the WII and other gaming type systems, students like the one I had could begin to feel more like the class and feel like they are participating and contributing to a class that traditionally singles out those with learning and physical disabilities.   I also have a cousin who is in a wheelchair and new technologies like this are allowing him to participate more, when before he was resigned to sitting off to the side just watching or keeping score.

Gaming-based technology for the Horizon report focuses on gaming strategies like the one I listed above.  It also talks about using what kids love and are constantly doing to the advantage of the teacher and education.  They are figuring out ways to adapt more to the students and the new learning strategies that are being presented with the way technology has exploded and taken over.


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