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My story-toy-puzzle-game

As I was thinking about what type of game I wanted to create, I think of those choose your own adventure books. I want to allow the gamer the chance to chose which way they go by solving a math problem. So the gamer is going along and then comes to a three way tunnel. Each tunnel has an equation for the gamer to solve. They must record their answers and move on through that tunnel. To pass a level, they will have to enter all their answers like a code to move on. The code they enter will determine which type of level they go to next. If the equations they solved were basic, then the next level is just a step up from where they were. If they solved harder equations, then the next level will move them to harder problems. I want to be able to offer a couple of different story types, so that the gamer can chose who they are and what game/adventure they play. One could be like a damsel in distress and the noble knight comes to the rescue. One could be find your friend. You got separated from your friend and the only way to get back home is to find your friend first. Another one could be find the dragon and slay him. Those are just some of the ideas bouncing around my head.

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