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Interactive Fiction

I played the game Zork 1: The Great Underground Empire for my gaming class.  After five minutes I was frustrated with the game but kept pushing on to play for the full twenty minutes.  To play this type of interactive game one needs to have a great imagination and be able to see the world in their minds after reading the description.  That type of person is not me.  I am a very visual learner who is not creative enough to come up with my own worlds.  I like to dominate worlds that are already shown to me.   I think for the first type of gaming it is fairly good and does feel somewhat like a choose your own adventure book more than an actual game.  Playing this game has made me truly grateful for the technology and graphics that we have today to use to play with.

While playing the game I kept going in circles having a hard time navigating myself.  I made it to the house a couple of times but I could never seem to get into the window that was slightly open.  I also made it to the Grand Canyon and down the rocky wall to the rainbow but after that I kept going in many circles climbing up and down the wall many times.  One can see why I was getting frustrated.

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