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Tech Trends Lesson Plan

I work for Idaho Digital Learning Academy and they were in the news for using the WII in their physical education classes.  I have thought that it was very interesting.  I have just recently received my certification in physical education for the state of Idaho and love to see how I can incorporate technology into this type of classroom.  While I was teaching physical education I had a student with various learning and physical disabilities that limited the amount of participation he could do in class.  Using the WII and other gaming type systems, students like the one I had could begin to feel more like the class and feel like they are participating and contributing to a class that traditionally singles out those with learning and physical disabilities.   I also have a cousin who is in a wheelchair and new technologies like this are allowing him to participate more, when before he was resigned to sitting off to the side just watching or keeping score.

Gaming-based technology for the Horizon report focuses on gaming strategies like the one I listed above.  It also talks about using what kids love and are constantly doing to the advantage of the teacher and education.  They are figuring out ways to adapt more to the students and the new learning strategies that are being presented with the way technology has exploded and taken over.


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