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Horizon Report Tech Trend

I have had an interest in game-based technology ever since an article in one of the Idaho newspapers that said that some online schools were starting to use the Wii for Physical Education classes.  At the time I had just finished getting my endorsement for teaching secondary Physical Education for the state of Idaho and also starting teaching for Idaho Digital Learning Academy.  I currently do not teach Physical Education for them so I am unable to actually see it working, but I love the idea.

This technology is important because it is taking something the students already use and play with and make it educational.  It could be beneficial to states that are cold and wet more than dry and warm.  It would allow the students to be active even if they are restricted to a smaller space or venue.  Using this technology would also have an easy transition since the students are already aware of it, know how to use it, and like it.  I also really think that this can help students with disabilities.  It can give them a chance to feel more like the class then just sitting off to the side unable to participate, especially in an Physical Education class setting.

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